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      The Magic
  Into Leadership

           - For Organizations
           - For Life


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Today's leading organizations are becoming more passionate about having greater purpose. Today's generation of employees are demanding a balance in their lives where their own purpose integrates with that of their organization's . They want to make a difference to their families, to themselves, and ultimately to the world.

When employees believe in their organization’s purpose, they will be inspired. When they know their efforts also lead towards achieving their personal purpose, they will be both inspired and engaged.
As the CEO of a mid-sized consulting company, I worked with hundreds of organizations worldwide on their strategy and agile practices making them more productive.

As a psychologist, I worked with individuals/teams to find meaning and purpose in their lives.

As a magician, I entertained large and small audiences, leaving them with a sense of wonder.

As a speaker, I am engaging audiences in a customized method to integrate these disciplines into a set of tools and practices to effect change. I feel passionate, especially in the current climate, that we need to combine these principles.


Connect with me to show team and/or audiences how to add your organization!


Alan Leeds, a motivational and strategic leadership  speaker began his diversified career as a psychologist in New York. 

He switched to the corporate world by starting a consulting and training company in California at the age of 29.

After 20 years of business experience, he moved to software development and currently is the founder and president of Y-Change, Inc., a company dedicated to strategy deployment.

Throughout his career, he has consulted with Fortune 500 companies, such as Cisco, Hewlett Packard, and Google. He used his experiences there as basis for his keynote presentations and workshops for National Conferences such as the Association for Strategic Planning, the American Society for Quality and for businesses throughout California.

Alan approaches his strategic leadership and motivational speaking engagements with purpose, enthusiasm, high energy and memorable moments. As an award-winning magician and a member of the renowned Magic Castle in Hollywood, he incorporates magic in his presentations to make points that will long be remembered and create a learning experience that is out of the ordinary.

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Speaking Programs

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Bringing the Magic Into Leadership

Leadership to align organization
& employee purpose


  • Understanding the M.A.G.I.C.     Leadership Principles

  • Creating leadership moments

  • Inspiring & aligning staff

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Adding Magic to Your Life

Using purpose & moments to drive success   


  • Magic of Attitude drives  awareness

  • Superhero skills drives commitment

  • Goals & action drives success

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Styles of Success

Your personal style strengths that drives leadership  


  • Succeed by working toward  your strengths

  • Personal style assessment

  • Working with other styles


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John E. - Rudolph and Sletten, Inc.

John E. - Rudolph and Sletten, Inc.



"I organized a large safety event for the company I work for. Alan took the time to get to know our audience ahead of time and created a unique presentation based on his findings. We have a typically very quiet audience who were energetic and engaged for 2 straight hours. I cannot say enough about Alan and how well he performed for us. He was punctual and even did magic for us!! highly recommended! -satisfied customer "

Josh V. PGE

"I highly recommend Alan, he is very talented and offers an incredible program for professionals. We recently hired him for our first ever Commissioners Retreat and it was both inspiring and informative. Everyone walked away with valuable insight and working techniques to improve overall productivity as a team. Alan’s program offers not only effective team building and leadership training but makes learning both fun and engaging. We will most definitely hire him again to do future retreats."

   Leah Taylor, Executive Director SSFHA

" Alan Leeds was great in meeting the expectations we had for our team. Roughly 160 of our staff crammed into our conference room to listen to Alan's presentation on "Lifting" your leadership with a theme towards success. We look forward to Alan returning and presenting to our team in the very near future." 

John E. - Rudolph and Sletten, Inc.

"Throughout the experience Alan was very professional... . He took the time to learn about our division and what we do as well as what we would like to learn. We chose the theme "Improving Attitudes for Successful Outcomes: how attitudes can improve both personal and professional achievement" in which he spoke on the "The Luck Factor and "The As-If Principle". He kept our staff engaged and entertained throughout the talk and included ways to earn points to get staff involved... . Our staff also enjoyed the close up magic while they ate lunch. We were all very happy-highly recommended."

Madelyn B. -Santa Clara Dept of Social Services

"I appreciate how Alan was able to take his highly interactive in person presentation and performance to a web-based platform. He added another layer of fun to our annual convention! Thank you!"

Alycia M. -GFWC/CFWC Marina District President

"Alan's presentation was both valuable & entertaining. Our employees loved having him & he customized his message to match perfectly with other speakers of the day. I really appreciate you arriving early and getting some time to go over our company with us. I appreciate that he arrived early & got one on one time with both our CEO & Staff. "

Chelsea I. - Ingenium

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