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  • Alan Leeds

strategic Leadership

Inspiring people to align organization and employee vision, purpose and goals

If you google strategic leadership, you

will get over 16m hits...10 years ago, the best-in-class strategic leadership was described as using a process by starting with an organization’s purpose then, through the strategic planning process, ensure that all work is planned and managed with aligned department and employee targets, measures and goals..

Around the year 2010 the literature was full of books and articles about successful organizations that lead by building a movement to focus on the bottom line, as well as help humanity, thus developing a greater purpose for their organization. These organizations have what is called a conscious leader, who created a culture of passion, humanity and social impact. Many books written on this. Like Conscious Capitalism written by CEO of whole foods, with examples from SWA, Biggby coffee, Zappos shoes, Costco & Starbucks..

However, we are now in the year 2023

Where there has been a revolution on how we plan and execute work. Many organizations are engaged in some form of hybrid work environment, and new skills need to be utilized for strategic leadership and service delivery.

When in-person meetings are limited, people at home cannot rely on “around the cooler” talks for rapport building and social interaction. When people work for a common purpose i.e., SW Airlines “Freedom to Fly” or Whole Foods “Safer Way” (organic food labeling, reduced usage of fossil fuels, less chemical contamination), people feel like they can make a difference....and have a sense of purpose and pride. When they interact with others, even on zoom meetings, they share a common bond and camaraderie. It has been documented that there “is a critical connection point between clarity of purpose and superior performance, financially and otherwise” (Conscious Capitalism).

But is that enough? Management by zoom?

I think with our emerging leaders, yes, they want to work for an organization with a greater purpose and yes, they want to work on a schedule that will not only meet the organization’s needs but their own needs as well....

Welcome to 2023!

We are in an exciting time of redefining the workplace and the role of employees and stakeholders. Yes, people want to be part of an organization with specific goals and objectives to achieve profitability and greater purpose, but they also expect the leaders to assist in achieving their own purpose and goals. Bob Fish from Biggby coffee asked his people: “are you living a life today that is consistent with your vision and building toward it,

or are you living a life that is written for you by your circumstances?”

Magic of leadership

With a relentless focus on purpose, a strategic leader can drive both organization and employees success. With the inspiration tenets of M.A.G.IC.*, that leader can make these new “around the cooler” moments memorable and actionable.

When employees believe in their organization’s purpose, they will be inspired. When they know that their efforts will also lead towards achieving their personal purpose, they will be both energized and engaged.

*MAGIC: Inspirational leadership tenets including: Memorable Moments, Agility, Goals and actions, Influence and Commitment



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